The senseless slaughter of elephants must stop – let’s start in our own backyard!

Botswana’s recent decision to begin the trophy hunting of elephants after years of protection is a likely result of the Trump Administration’s actions promoting the slaughter of elephants. The International Wildlife Conservation Council (IWCC) established by the Trump Administration at the Department of Interior has been pushing countries like Botswana to reopen the trophy hunting of elephants - so American trophy hunters have a new place to get an elephant trophy to showcase in their office or home! The IWCC mandate is to develop “a plan for public engagement and education on the benefits of international hunting,” according to its formation documents. In other words, despite its name, the IWCC is designed to promote the killing of elephants under the guise of conservation using taxpayer dollars.

The IWCC is required to fill its board with hunters with international hunting experience, and senior-level representatives from companies in international hunting tourism, and those in the firearms trade. Yet no such requirement exists for members to have wildlife conservation backgrounds. In addition, the IWCC counts among its members a co-owner of a hunting preserve with Donald Trump Jr.

The Elephant Project filed a FOIA request for all documents relating to the establishment of the IWCC more than 19 months ago, and we have yet to receive any response – violating FOIA regulations. We will be taking additional action to push them to provide the documents through legal means but also by working with Congress who can force them to provide the documents. We also are working with Congress to pass legislation to restore the ban on the import of elephant trophies and disband the IWCC – which we believe will stop other African countries from allowing the trophy hunting of elephants.

There is so much amazing work being done around the world to help protect elephants but let’s do what we can in our own backyard to help their efforts. Let’s get Congress to act now by passing legislation to end the Trump Administration’s support for the slaughter of elephants and return the protections that have been supported for decades by Presidents of both political parties. Elephant protection should not be a partisan issue - saving them is a testament to our humanity.

I hope you will show your support for our efforts today! You can help in two ways – by making a direct donation or by purchasing one of our limited edition sterling silver and gold elephant conservation pieces available at The Elephant Store. 100% of all proceeds will go into our Congressional efforts. Plus, if you act within the next 72 hours all items are reduced!

Working together we CAN make a difference - please act today and let’s do what we can to end this senseless slaughter!